Updated Firefox

While I haven’t posted here for ages I have been busy encouraging and commenting on my students’ blogs, updating our class wiki and generally keeping on top of all my responsibilities at school.

After a week of major Firefox frustrations I updated to Firefox 3 this weekend. The reason I hadn’t updated earlier was my beloved Unplug addon is not available for the latest version of Firefox but I have found that Download Helper is more than adequate in replacing it and it even converts the flv files to avi ones!

An even better experience has been Google Reader. Following the advice from someone, somewhere on the web I installed Greasemonkey, which for some reason I hadn’t bothered with before. This allowed me to update my Gmail and Google Reader with addon scripts (at least I think that’s what they are). Well, Gmail is not a lot different to what I had played with before with Stylish but Google Reader now allows me to add comments to the actual blogs that I subscribe to. Wow I don’t need to leave my reader and I can actually view the blog within my reader window. While others may have been using this new function for ages its a newbie for me and one I really greatful for.

Overall I am really impressed with Firefox 3, even though I lost some recent bookmarks in the upgrade!

Another new tool I have had a play with is Feedly. I installed the downloaded requirement and went through the process of putting all my RSS feeds into Feedly which meant that all my bloglines feeds (yes I had been using both Google Reader and Bloglines) were integrated into Google Reader. While I was initially doubtful at the wisdom of this (there is an undo function available in Feedly) I now have no regrets, especially with my ugraded functionality in Google Reader.  I don’t know if I will use Feedly though – so far I have been unable to integrate Twitter into Feedly and can’t really see the use for another ‘homepage’ type interface. Maybe someone can convince me of the usefulness of Feedly.

Link to an article about Feedly by MakeUseOf.com