Evaluating Information on the Web

From Langwitches comes this post, Don’t Believe Everyting You See Online.

Why is our first impulse to believe something that we see, read or hear? Especially if it is in print, online or comes in an “officially” looking packaging?

How do we teach ourselves and our students, that another impulse has to follow the first one immediately: Evaluate…critical thinking… learn to listen for and to your own “gut feeling”… cross referencing…

Information literacy is an important part of being literate.  Being able to know how to read and write alone, just doesn’t “cut it anymore”.

There are many useful references and links in this post.

Another useful resource I’ve just come across is Identify Bias. This is an Austalian site which has a lot of relevant info in regards to research skills.

Great Slideshows

I recently came across a blog post with reference to the slideshow, Eating the Elephant created by Rachel Boyd. After watching this I investigated other slideshows which Rachel had created. Here is a sampling. There are some great ideas here!